Zara Pledges to Make All Sustainable Clothing by 2025!

When it comes to human impact on the environment, we tend to think mostly of greenhouse gases, animal agriculture, and plastic pollution. But one thing not often discussed is that there are small things we do or buy that have large impacts on the environment. One of these is fashion — the clothes, shoes, and accessories we wear have an effect on the environment. These all have to be made with certain fabrics and materials, and most of the time, especially when made for fast fashion, these materials and fabrics are not ethically or sustainably sourced.

In order to combat the water pollution and plastic pollution that fashion causes, companies are coming up with inventive alternatives or shifting toward more sustainable practices. ‘Leather’ is being made from plant-based sources such as pineapple, wine, and more. Now, a fashion giant, Inditex, the company that owns fashion brandsPull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, and most notably Zara is pledging to make completely sustainable clothes by 2025!

The CEO Pablo Isla announced a plan: by 2023, all the viscose used by the company will be certified sustainable and 80 percent of the power used will come from renewable sources. The ultimate goal is that by 2025, 100 percent of the cotton, linen, and polyester used by the company.

Isla says: “Sustainability is a never-ending task in which everyone here at Inditex is involved and in which we are successfully engaging all of our suppliers.” Zara is a very popular fashion store and it accounts for about 70 percent of the company’s sales. In recent years, they have launched sustainable collections, but this announcement is exciting news for customers and the planet!


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